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14.Feb.01_16.04.12__© Ingrid Wilson B

A friend called me with a fun idea. She wanted to give her “niece” a senior session for her birthday/graduation. What a perfect gift- something she will be able to cherish forever that commemorates this special time of her life! This session was a fun family affair. I put her aunt to work as my assistant and we made mom and grandma follow us around as we explored fun spots to shoot. We had fun making things up as we went and I loved some of Marissa’s creative ideas. She has a fun style and personality. I love this image below- I see “the sky is the limit” for her, which is so true. 14.Feb.01_16.38.55__© Ingrid Wilson B

This location was her suggestion. She attended an event here and LOVED the look of it, so we made it happen for her. I loved the different options this beautiful building provided. 14.Feb.01_17.07.09__© Ingrid Wilson B14.Feb.01_17.18.40__© Ingrid Wilson B

And in the end, when everyone was starving and tired, we took advantage of a beautiful river sunset just before we ran out of light. 14.Feb.01_17.55.55__© Ingrid Wilson B

It was such a pleasure meeting Marissa and her family. I am excited to keep up with her to see where she goes in life. I know she has great things in store.


14.Feb.05_14.44.37__© Ingrid Wilson B

(Her Facebook timeline that came with her package.)




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