ASHER KENT | An In Home Newborn Session | Orange Park, FL


Sweet Asher-

It was just 8 days after witnessing your grand entrance into the world when I got to come and snuggle you for the first time. It was such a treat for me, however even though you had just finished a long feeding my usual sleep inducing tricks weren’t working as planned until…I swapped my shhhhing app for your own mama’s album. It was born just a few months before you were and I’m sure that it was just as familiar to you as your mama’s heartbeat. As soon as I turned it on you calmed and went right to sleep. I may be adding it to my bag of tricks for other babies too. 😉

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These smiles couldn’t be any bigger nor a better representation to the joy that you bring, not only to your parents, but to the world. Welcome, sweet Asher Kent!

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