I never plan to miss a birth, but I have to be realistic that there is always a possibility it could happen one day. In order to give you peace of mind and the best possible insurance that your birth story will be captured beautifully, I have hand selected two of my favorite fellow birth photographers in the Jacksonville area to assist in the event that two mamas go into labor simultaneously or something else unforeseeable happens. I want you to have the opportunity to “get to know them” a little just in case.

Meet Erin:ERIN

“Hi! I’m Erin! I was introduced to photography when I was 14 when my dad gave me his manual film camera to use. He inspired my love of the art and I took that camera everywhere, documenting my experiences all through my teenage years. I became more serious about pursuing photography as a career when I was in college and began to work with other photographers.

I photographed my first birth in 2008, while living in Nicaragua. I have always been fascinated with this incredible experience and can’t wait until I get to have a child of my own. My love for photographing births only seems to be growing. I have come a long way since that first birth and have studied under a well-known documentary photographer, who has taught me the power of finding authentic and beautiful moments.”

Enjoy a little of Erin’s work:

Meet Mary:

“Hi. I’m Mary. I’m a wife. A mom. A pediatric occupational therapist. A photographer. Those little cuties you see with me are my beautiful little muses. They are the inspiration behind my journey in photography. The journey that started the month my daughter was born.

Becoming a mom has brought so many beautiful, funny, messy, and fleeting moments. Photography has become my way of capturing and holding onto those gorgeous moments. It’s been amazing to be able to capture so many of their sweet moments that my mommy brain would have likely forgotten by now.”

Here is a sampling of Mary’s birth work:

Callie May