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  • This birth packing checklist is something all of my birth clients receive from me in their welcome packet, along with some other goodies, too. I thought this might be helpful for other moms too as they are prepping for their coming birth, no matter where the location will be. Best of luck to [...]
  • 2016 | A YEAR in REVIEW | Thank You!

  • I took a little trip down memory lane and relived all the happy memories of 2016. I couldn't be more grateful for this business of mine that brings such incredible people into my life. I am fully blessed and I thank you all for being a part of my family.
  • MEET MS. ARIANNA GABRIELLE | An Orange Park Birth Story

  • Sweet Arianna - I am writing your birth story two days before you were even due to enter the world, during Hurricane Matthew- your first Florida hurricane. You apparently like storms, because you tried to come early during storms from Hurricane Hermine at only 34.5 weeks. That is part 1[...]

  • Dear Vera- This is the story of your very beginning- the day that you came into the world. Your parents had been anxiously awaiting your arrival and couldn't wait to introduce you to your big sister Maggie and  your new big brother Gus, who joined the family just weeks before you. Your pare[...]