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  •   Sweet Charlie- I think it is pretty obvious how adored you are by your family. Your brothers so sweetly shower you with love and are ready to teach you all about monster trucks, Whit's ice cream, and "Elvis". It is going to be so fun to watch the three of you growing up to[...]
  • ELLIE | A Lifestyle Newborn Session | Ortega, FL

  • Welcome to the world little Ellie! You are the sweetest, cutest little thing born into an amazing family. Your life verse: "The Lord is my light and my salvation." Psalm 27:1 It is going to be so fun watching you grow up with all of your adorable cousins and aunts &[...]

  •   Sweet Lyla- It was such a treat to have a little play day with you when you were only 6 days new. Already you had changed since the day you were born. Even though you didn't want to be super sleepy for me, I loved the way you gazed into your daddy's and mommy's eyes- already [...]
  • MILES | A Lifestyle Newborn Session

  • One week old. A week that creates the "what did we do before him?" feeling. It seems as if everything else in life could just melt away and all that need exist is more time to snuggle and admire this new being whom two people miraculously created. It never gets old. But this time is sure fleet[...]