We All Scream | A Documentary Maternity Session | Ingrid Wilson Photography

We all scream for ice cream. Only there was no screaming, crying, fussing, or fighting for this maternity session that felt nothing like a maternity session. There was ice cream and sprinkles, twirling and flipping, running and jumping, but there was no stress or frustration, no fuss over matching outfits or forcing kiddos to look at the camera and smile. It was unlike any maternity session I have ever done, and perhaps now I’m hooked. 😉


Seventeen months ago, this sweet family had a regular ol’ maternity session with me, followed by an amazing birth session, a darling newborn session, and lastly a farewell family session before leaving me and moving away (I just might blog those sessions one day). Thankfully, they are back now, but while they were gone they found a sweet documentary photographer in their new city who did this adorable session with them. After that, Jess didn’t want to go back to the old posed ways, so she asked me if I would try something different and out of my ordinary this time around. I hesitantly said yes and called my sweet friend Erin Heuser, who specializes in documentary photography. She very sweetly gave me some tips and tricks and words of encouragement. I couldn’t be more grateful to her.  documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0002documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0003

I  I can totally see why Jess and her crew prefer this type of session to the standard posed session (and Erin too). We had so much fun! There was no pressure. Nothing was forced or fake. I didn’t have to pose anyone. There was ice cream! (Mike even asked me if I wanted some ice cream too as they were ordering – I chuckled and said “I may be good, but I’m not THAT good, Mike.” HA!!!) And everyone went home happy!documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0004documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0005documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0007documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0008documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0009documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0010documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0011documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0012documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0014documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0015documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0016documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0017documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0018documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0019documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0020documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0021documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0022documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0023documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0024documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0025documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0026documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0027documentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0028

At the end of this “session”, my heart felt full after catching up with these dear friends. The girls have grown so much, especially that sweet Ms. Kasey. She is so loved by her big sisters. And Jess…she is one amazing mama.

Thank you, sweet friends for inviting me in to this most precious time in your lives again! Thank you for encouraging me to step outside of my comfort zone and giving me the freedom to experiment on you. I can’t wait to meet this new little love. Will it be a he or a she??? The suspense is killing me. I guess time will be here before we know it.

xo- Ingriddocumentary_maternity-photography_jacksonville_fl-ingrid-wilson-photography_0029