Florida Adventure Days | A New Series

This is the first of an on-going series about our Florida “Adventure Days”. Here I will share what we like to do as a family throughout our great state, primarily North Florida at this point, but we hope to expand our horizons soon. I have always brought my camera along on our Adventure Days, and now I want to share with you the fun that is available to be had right here in the Sunshine State. I will share some of the pros and cons of the places we have visited and offer a few adventure tips along the way. I promise to keep it real and share the bad with the good so that you can learn from some of our mistakes. My kids will even share their thoughts about their favorite thing from each outing. I hope that this series will encourage you to get out and do some exploring too.

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It dawned on me when I shared a picture of my daughter, Mylie, at the beach on my business Facebook page that not everyone knows about some of the amazingly beautiful locations to play in and around the north Florida area. I decided at that point that I should really share some of our family adventures in the hope that others will be encouraged to get out and explore. I’ve taken it for granted that we have such nice (albeit HOT) weather and beautiful beaches to enjoy. To me, Florida was always just home. It is almost all I know. Now that I am a mom to 3 adventurous boys and one little girl who is willing to go with the flow, I have come to see the world and this state that we live in in a whole new light. Actually, it is really my adventurous husband that I can thank for this new perspective.

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Our family “Adventure Days” were born out of my husband’s desire to foster the adventurous nature in our boys while also giving him something to look forward to at the end of a stressful work week. We wanted to do something as a family that was active and outdoors, but we also wanted activities that were affordable. We wanted to make memories with our kids, not just live our lives on the sidelines of Saturday sports. So, we cut back on the recreational sports a little and thus began more fun adventures. Part of the adventure for my husband is the planning, part of the adventure for me is my lack of planning. Most weekends, all I know is that we will likely need bathing suits, towels, and lots of sunscreen. For this type A control freak, it has been a good exercise in letting go. I will openly admit that in the beginning I wasn’t crazy about heading out every weekend and baking in the hot sun, but it wasn’t long before my adventurous spirit started to grow and now I crave it as much as my boys. And when Mylie proclaims “This is the best vacation EVER!” every weekend and when the kids share their favorite part of the day in response to Erik’s standard post-adventure interview, I know that it was time that couldn’t have been better spent.

So, welcome along on our Florida…


It should be a fun time. Here are my adventure sidekicks:


They will be sharing throughout this journey too. I hope that you will share your adventure stories with us and give us some ideas and tips for our future expeditions. I’ll see you again soon.


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