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15.Jan.21_11.43.14_©IngridWilsonPhotography 15.Jan.21_11.44.06-2_©IngridWilsonPhotography 15.Jan.21_11.47.34-2_©IngridWilsonPhotography

One week old. A week that creates the “what did we do before him?” feeling. It seems as if everything else in life could just melt away and all that need exist is more time to snuggle and admire this new being whom two people miraculously created. It never gets old. But this time is sure fleeting unfortunately.

15.Jan.21_11.59.10-2_©IngridWilsonPhotography 15.Jan.21_12.05.04_©IngridWilsonPhotography

I love capturing the essence of this time, preserving the details forever. You think you will remember it because it is so incredible, but it does fade because of the sleeplessness that you will likely experience for the next 18+ years. You might need to return to these memories during the teenage years. I speak from current experience. 😉

15.Jan.21_11.07.44_©IngridWilsonPhotography 15.Jan.21_11.25.48_©IngridWilsonPhotography 15.Jan.21_12.43.31_©IngridWilsonPhotography 15.Jan.21_13.20.34-2_©IngridWilsonPhotography

Thank you for inviting me into your home and your lives. From the before, the during, and now the after- it has been an amazing journey and I have loved witnessing a lovely young couple transformed into a beautiful new family.

15.Jan.21_13.34.03-2_©IngridWilsonPhotography 15.Jan.21_13.56.50-2-3_©IngridWilsonPhotography

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