MILES | Your Birth Story | A Photographer’s Perspective

January 15, 2015

January 15, 2015. It was 10 days past your EDD, and though we thought you might arrive early on Christmas Eve, you were in no hurry to enter the real world. The weather was drizzly and a cool 47 degrees. Your parents started their day early in a very busy hospital triage room where labor was induced. There were no rooms available for several hours because nearly 18 babies were awaiting their clearance to go home. But your official eviction day had come. Your parents had waited a long time in such joyful anticipation. It was a Thursday.


When I arrived around 1:45 pm, your mom had already be powering through hours of pitocin contractions. I was in awe of her concentration and determination as she controlled her body and pains. Your dad was right there coaching her through each one, encouraging her as she clinched his hand for strength and comfort. Around 2:47 your mom finally spoke the code word, which confirmed that she was ready for some relief. Within an hour your mom was laughing and smiling again and ready to rest up a bit. At 5:25 pm the doctor arrived and said that your mom was at 8 cm and that it wouldn’t be long before you were here and there was renewed excitement and anticipation in the room. At 6:37 the nurse checked again and your mom was at 9 1/2 cm! Nurse Tosha took over at 7:00 pm and she said she would likely check again in an hour, but around 7:39 it was already time to start pushing you into this world. This is when they realized that you were in the posterior position- “sunny side up”.

7:38 pm15.Jan.15_20.48.20_©IngridWilsonPhotography

In spite of all the hard work that was being done, everyone was smiling. You would be here at any moment and your mom and dad would get to see your face for the very first time.


At 8:40 pm you were born into the world and took your first breath. You were immediately put in the arms of your mama and a birthday celebration erupted. There were tears and laughter and everyone in the room marveled at how handsome you were and that you had so much dark hair. You created a family in that moment. It was a miracle. You are a miracle.


The beginning of your story was beautiful, Miles Anthony. You were brought into a world filled with such love and you will forever be cherished. The Old English nursery rhyme, “Monday’s Child” promises that “Thursday’s child has far to go,” indicating a long life and prosperity, certainly just the beginning of the wishes that I have for you. May you always remember the joy that was born with you. Happy BIRTHday!  (Your accompanying slideshow is posted here.)


An extra note: Some of the most beautiful words I have ever received came from your grandma- she said “Every single time I see these photos, my heart pauses and I’m speechless. Ingrid, thank you from the bottom of my heart for capturing these priceless moments. As a Mommy I’ve always been so very proud and honored to be a parent to two beautiful girls. As a GrandMommy I am simply in awe every single day. Thank you for coming into our lives and sharing your talents!”

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