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14.Jan.25_14.31.38__© Ingrid Wilson B

I wanted to go exploring and Abi was a willing adventurer. After waiting patiently as some of her 5 little sibs (here, here, and here) had their time in the front of the camera, it was finally her turn. It was more like a girl’s day out on the town than a photoshoot- neat places to see, cute clothes, and acting silly in front of total strangers.

14.Jan.25_15.07.34__© Ingrid Wilson B

The location above was our second stop. We didn’t know this wall existed. We just happened upon it and when I saw it my jaw dropped. Not only is it totally cool, but the words are so significant. It was what I call a “God wink”. And that is all I’m going to say about that. 😉

14.Jan.25_15.36.05__© Ingrid Wilson B

I call Abi the Model Child not only because of her soulful eyes and her incredibly long model legs and…all her other features, but also because she is a Model Student and Model Daughter and Model Teen. No pressure, right? We joke about it, but we both know it is true.

14.Jan.25_16.09.05__© Ingrid Wilson B

Thank you, Abi, for hanging out with me  for the day! It is exhausting being so beautiful, isn’t it? LOVE YOU, MC! xo

14.Jan.25_16.24.29__© Ingrid Wilson B

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