The Newborn Sessions

Enjoy this little sample of a Lifestyle + Posed Newborn Session.

Session Options

I offer three different types of newborn sessions: The Full Newborn Session, The Posed Newborn Session, and The Lifestyle Newborn Session.

The Full Newborn Session

The Full Newborn Session really is two sessions all rolled into one- The Lifestyle Session + the Posed Session. You can plan on spending most of your day with me. We will be working around your little one’s schedule and taking things easy. Our goal will be to accomplish a good mix of adorable, posed newborn only shots and some sweet, relaxed family pictures.

The Posed Session

For this session I will just be working with baby. When I first arrive I will scout out the light within your home to find a spot with great natural light coming in through windows or doors. I will then set up my mini studio.

Then, depending on baby’s sleepy state, I will get started on some wrapped and naked baby shots, as you prefer. I will bring a variety of wraps for you to choose from, but primarily I shoot on a white backdrop and sometimes add in a little color variety depending on baby’s tolerance and cooperation. A few other things I will bring with me: a small space heater, some cloth diapers and wipes for clean up, and a few simple accessories like headbands or knit bonnets. If you could have a few diapers on hand for changing that would be great. Also, if there are any sweet or sentimental elements that you would like me to incorporate in this portion please let me know- these might include a special quilt or blanket, a favorite headband or bonnet, or a new shower gift.

As I am working with baby, feel free to take this time to get yourself ready for the lifestyle portion of the session (if this applies to your session choice). I often find that babies are more content when the scent or sound of mom isn’t so strong in the room and they tend to sleep longer and deeper. However, you are also welcome to watch if you would like. There will be a few moments when I might even ask you to assist by spotting baby if needed. If babe happens to be having an awake time first then we will just plan to start with the lifestyle portion first.

The Lifestyle Session

Lifestyle photography is exactly that- I will be documenting your new life style with a brand new being and will capture this sweet time of bonding- the snuggles, the changings, the napping, and all the precious little details of your baby that change too quickly. We can incorporate some whole family snuggles as well. There are a few great spots to do this in your home- the baby’s nursery, mom & dad’s big comfy bed- this is especially great with siblings, or on a couch in a comfortable living area.

Lifestyle sessions are gently posed. I will guide you and direct you for some of the session and can also capture those in between real moments like diaper changings and nursing sessions, as preferred. Because lighting situations can vary in all homes, I often use a soft, bounced flash to compensate for low light if needed.

How to Prepare

Your Home

The point I really want to emphasize is that there is no need for you to prepare for me before I visit. The only areas I will need are an open patch of light and whereever you want to accomplish your lifestyle shots. If I find a spot that I think is perfect, but perhaps there is some clutter that I think will detract from the shot I will ask if I can move some things, maybe even a piece of furniture or something on the wall- and then I will put them all back as best I remember. If you don’t get around to making your bed before I arrive don’t sweat. I can do that with my two free hands in no time flat. So, don’t let any of that make you feel stressed or anxious before I get there. This is so important! This should be a relaxed and fun time. 😉

Your Baby

*Disclaimer: I am chuckling as I type this because I know all to well that everything that I am about to say could very well be impossible to accomplish. I know that your tiny one will be in complete control no matter what any of us say or do and that is ok. I’ll say these things anyway and tell you to forget it all if baby has other plans.*

Timing: The happiest baby is a sleeping baby with a full tummy. We will try our best to be strategic in our planning so that we are shooting after an awake time, followed by a great feeding. If your baby has not established a clear schedule yet that is ok. Our session day can be somewhat fluid. I do not schedule anything else on newborn session days for this purpose.

Items to Keep Near and Ready: Again, babies tend to be unpredictably messy, so keeping a supply of diapers close is extremely helpful. Depending on your feeding choices, you may or may not have a pacifier on hand. I find that they are extremely helpful if baby starts to waken, but I will leave that totally up to you. (I remember being terrified about nipple confusion with my babies, only I came to decide that they just liked to suck anything and everything they could…all the time.)

What to Wear

I usually suggest that my clients keep things casually comfortable for their lifestyle session but you are welcome to get formal too, if you like. I prefer soft, solid colors for wardrobe choices so that the focus will remain on your sweet little bundle. If you need help making selections I am happy to guide you further.


Session Tips

When to Schedule

The absolute best time to schedule a newborn session is within the first 14 days after birth. This can be tricky because, even though it may seem like you aren’t doing anything in these first days, you will likely be exhausted and extremely busy with feeding and changing and even visitors. However, your baby will soon be less posable and more alert and trying to focus their little eyes to take everything in as best they can- this can mean some funny facial expressions. Not only that, but around two weeks of age, babies typically develop baby acne as their bodies start to purge mom’s hormones. It is best to save your date on my calendar soon after you deliver to avoid missing this window of time.

How Do You Want to Enjoy Your Session Portraits?

I always like to shoot with the end product in mind, so I ask you to think about how you would like to treasure these images for years to come. Are you wanting to create beautiful wall galleries? I have a great way to help you with this! Are you wanting to create a custom baby book to enjoy forever? Or are you wanting prints to frame and share with family and friends. Knowing how you want to enjoy your portraits will help me focus how I shoot your session. It is always my goal to leave you with something beautiful and tangible that you will enjoy everyday, not just digital files that sit unappreciated on your computer’s hard drive- instead you will have memories that you can pass down as a family legacy.

Please let me know if you have any questions and feel free to pin your thoughts and ideas for me to see.