Victoria | A Minimalistic Newborn Session | Atlantic Beach, FL


Dear Victoria-

You were 3 days new the day I got to come and take your pictures. You were so tiny and perfect. You cracked me up because you did NOT want to sleep for me at all. I would work so hard to get you to doze and as soon as I put you down to take your pictures your eyes would pop open and then you would get mad at me. Your mama had to keep trying to feed you to sleep, but even that wasn’t working. You just didn’t want to miss any of the party. HA! Eventually you couldn’t fight it anymore and I was able to get a few of you with your sweet sleepy eyes too.

The sweetest part of the session was how completely smitten your daddy was with you. He was so excited that he kept popping in to take pictures too and to let you FaceTime with your family. It was so cute. The love and joy you bring to  your parents was quite apparent. I’m sure your siblings feel the same, but they were all at school at the time.

Welcome to the world you sweet little lady! With a name like Victoria Amelia Larissa Paraskevopoulos I know you are bound for big and wonderful things.

Blessings to you and your family.

xo, Ingrid