Alia Faith | Newborn Photography | Jacksonville, FL

Sweet Alia-

I’m editing, and therefore blogging, your sessions backwards! HA! I couldn’t handle putting off all the cuteness from your newborn session before I finished your birth story and even your “in utero” session. You already have such a funny personality- pulling little pranks on me already. You made me work super hard to get you to sleep while for your posed part of your session (while your big sister was snoozing away for her nap), but then…as soon as there was all kinds of fun commotion going on in the house you totally zonked out! I think the cute little smiles you gave me while you were “sleeping” were really just stifled laughter at me. HAHA!

Now that I am finished with all this cuteness, I am off to work on the rest of your incredible first chapter of life. 😉 Yours is a beautiful love story sweet girl! I pray many blessings on your life!

xo- Auntie Ing