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Dear Luciana-

I love your birth story. I knew I would love it from the moment that I met your parents. It was then that I got to hear the preface to your story- how your parents met and fell in love, how they had to push through infertility in order to get pregnant with you, how the beginning of the pregnancy was rocky and full of worry…but the day we met it was so clear that your parents both felt such a gratefulness that you were thriving safely inside that beautiful belly. I could sense that, even before your birth, you already made their love for each other richer and their relationship stronger. I saw that in the way they connected with each other and in their excitement to meet you. Your birth story was a beautiful love story even before your actual birth day.

Your estimated due date was March 1. Your parents had an appointment the day before (2.28) and it wasn’t looking like you were at all ready to make your grande entrance any time soon. At their appointment one week before you were already measuring around 8.8 lbs. After weighing the pros and cons, it was decided that it would be best to go ahead with a scheduled cesarean. So, with that your birthday was set – Thursday, March 2, 2017. Your parents would only spend one more full day waiting to meet you and boy did they pack that day full. They started the day with a pre-op appointment at the hospital. As chance would have it, the Priest from Blessed Trinity just happened to be there and you received your first blessing of the day. They also managed to do a new house walk-through, attend an Ash Wednesday service in St. Augustine where you received your second blessing from the priest, get your mama a fresh pedicure, and eat. It was no surprise that even though they had to be overwhelmed with excitement to meet you the next morning, both your mom and dad slept well…just not for very long. They were up super early the next morning so that they could arrive at the hospital by 5:30 am with surgery start time scheduled for 7:30 am.

The birth suite soon began to fill with nurses readying your mama and daddy and tons of family all bursting with excitement. There was love and laughter filling the air as the birth day party was starting to pick up momentum. All the conversation was of course all about you. How big would you be? Your dad guessed 8 lbs. 7 oz. *Your mom was around 9 lbs. when she was born. Who will you look like? Will you be blonde haired and blue eyed like both of your great grandfathers? What makes a belly button an innie vs. an outie? That one actually had even the nurses stumped, but they did reassure your daddy that it wouldn’t be the result of how he cut the cord.

One of the funniest moments was when your daddy emerged from the bathroom in his OR scrubs. Your mom couldn’t help but think that he looked like the long lost blue Teletubbie. It was probably just what she needed to distract from any last minute nerves she was experiencing.

There were last minute hugs, words of encouragement, rubs of the belly that would soon be gone, and then at exactly 7:30 am your mom and dad walked into the operating room where they would soon meet you and the rest of the family walked into the waiting room where they would anxiously wait to hear that you were here.


At exactly 8:01 am you were born into the world! You had a head full of thick black hair and weighed in at 8 lbs. 5 oz. of pure perfection! You measured 20 inches long and were covered in beautiful birthday frosting.

You were soon bundled up and nuzzled up next to your mama and in that moment you were finally together as a family.

At 8:50 am the first text announcing you came through and instantaneously the room erupted with squeals and hugs and jumping and cheering and more hugs. Your dad came in at 9:10 and shared more details. As he was doing that your mom was somehow able to send the first pictures of you and all the excitement erupted all over again. Everyone marveled at your hair and tried to decide who you looked like most.

By 9:40 you were getting your first bath and shampoo.

By 9:50 you were snuggled up in your mama’s arms and you started nursing like a champ right away.

Your mom and dad enjoyed a few quiet moments just marveling and your perfection and then at 10:30 the rest of the family got to come in to meet you. As everyone was loving on you and your mommy, corks were popping and champagne was being poured.

It was pretty clear that everyone was completely smitten with you, but it sure seemed like Elijah might never take his eyes off you again. He was completely mesmerized by you and preferred it most when you were in your bed where he could be closest to you and keep one gently protective hand on you.

It was a very special moment when your daddy announced to the whole family your full name: Luciana Emilia after your cousin/auntie Oriana Emilia. This sweet honor made all the room cry. Toasts of blessings were made over you and your parents all while you continued to sleep right through your first birth day party.

At 11:45 all of the family left and your mom and dad had you back in their arms for more snuggles and nursing. In just those few short hours everything transformed. The wait was over and completely melted away. You were here and all was right and perfect in the world. Just as it was meant to be. Blessed!

Mariana & Juan – It has brought me so much joy to watch you both go through this transition from a beautiful couple into incredible parents. Luciana may have been blessed twice the day before her birth, but she is blessed everyday to have the intense love you both have for her. I pray your new family and home will be filled with nothing but peace, joy, good health, prosperity, and ever growing love.

Much love,






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