Eliza | A Douglas Anderson Senior Session | Downtown Jacksonville, FL

ELIZA_SENIOR-SESSION_ORANGE-PARK-FL_CLASS-OF-2016 © Ingrid Wilson Photography_0001

I can’t believe how behind I am on sharing this awesome session! I shared Eliza’s Prom Session here, but never came back to share the rest! How is that possible? I LOVED Eliza’s whole session, but my favorite part had to be surprising her with this amazing Mustang as the ultimate session prop. She had no idea. She is a classic cars aficionado, so we loved incorporating this part of who she is into her sessions. (I’m grateful that I have super sweet friends who let me borrow their super sweet wheels!)

ELIZA_SENIOR-SESSION_ORANGE-PARK-FL_CLASS-OF-2016 © Ingrid Wilson Photography_0002ELIZA_SENIOR-SESSION_ORANGE-PARK-FL_CLASS-OF-2016 © Ingrid Wilson Photography_0003ELIZA_SENIOR-SESSION_ORANGE-PARK-FL_CLASS-OF-2016 © Ingrid Wilson Photography_0004ELIZA_SENIOR-SESSION_ORANGE-PARK-FL_CLASS-OF-2016 © Ingrid Wilson Photography_0005ELIZA_SENIOR-SESSION_ORANGE-PARK-FL_CLASS-OF-2016 © Ingrid Wilson Photography_0006

I mean…this hair! She is the real live Rapunzel!

ELIZA_SENIOR-SESSION_ORANGE-PARK-FL_CLASS-OF-2016 © Ingrid Wilson Photography_0007

We had some crazy adventures in downtown Jacksonville- hopping in and out of the car when we found fun places we wanted to shoot. You never know who you might run into while hanging out downtown, right girls? Ha!

ELIZA_SENIOR-SESSION_ORANGE-PARK-FL_CLASS-OF-2016 © Ingrid Wilson Photography_0008ELIZA_SENIOR-SESSION_ORANGE-PARK-FL_CLASS-OF-2016 © Ingrid Wilson Photography_0009ELIZA_SENIOR-SESSION_ORANGE-PARK-FL_CLASS-OF-2016 © Ingrid Wilson Photography_0010ELIZA_SENIOR-SESSION_ORANGE-PARK-FL_CLASS-OF-2016 © Ingrid Wilson Photography_0011ELIZA_SENIOR-SESSION_ORANGE-PARK-FL_CLASS-OF-2016 © Ingrid Wilson Photography_0012

I loved having Eliza’s bestie along as both a source of silliness and as my assistant.

ELIZA_SENIOR-SESSION_ORANGE-PARK-FL_CLASS-OF-2016 © Ingrid Wilson Photography_0013ELIZA_SENIOR-SESSION_ORANGE-PARK-FL_CLASS-OF-2016 © Ingrid Wilson Photography_0014ELIZA_SENIOR-SESSION_ORANGE-PARK-FL_CLASS-OF-2016 © Ingrid Wilson Photography_0015

I wish you the best of luck in all that you pursue, Eliza! I am hoping that you make the right college choice so that perhaps I can visit you for a game or two! 😉 But no matter where you end up, you will make your unique mark!

xo – Ingrid


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