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I created this big poster freebie for you to create your own Senior Bucket List. There is a blank version linked below. Just follow the directions so that you can fill it with all your own bucket list items in beautiful and huge fashion. Feel free to use some of the ideas above or snag some ideas from my other Senior Bucket List Printable here.


This is all you have to do to enjoy this Create Your Own Bucket List:

  1.  Save this Blank Senior Bucket List PDF file to a zip drive.
  2. Take it to any local office supply store and request a 24 x 36 engineer print. (They only cost a few dollars.)
  3. Find a spot in your home where you can hang your new Senior Bucket List and start filling it out.
  4. Take a before pic beside your bucket list and share with me using the hashtag #co19bucketlist or tag @iwpseniors on FB so I can see!
  5. Take an after pic beside your bucket list when it is complete and let me see all you did!
  6. Share this bucket list with your besties so they can join in the fun too.

Whatever you chose to add to your Bucket List, be sure to make the most of this senior year with your family and friends. You only live this time of your life once- make it exactly what you want it to be. *And when the nerves start to trickle in about the change that is looming on the horizon, pick one thing on your bucket list and make it happen. Replace those nerves with positive and joy. That is my advice to you. 😉

Happy Senior Year, Sweet Friends!




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