Harper | A St. Vincent’s Riverside Cesarean Birth

Sweet Harper –

Do you know how much love you have created in the world? On the day you were born the hearts of your family burst with joy when they first laid eyes on you. They had waited 9 long months to see your precious face and their happiness trickled down their cheeks in warm tears. Your birth story is beautiful.

Your estimated due date was 4.23.17. Here is the cute picture your mama posted on that very day.

Goodness you were cute! Just two days later your mama had a doctor’s appointment and based on an ultrasound and measurements they were projecting that you might be about 10 lbs. 4 oz. and your mama wasn’t showing any signs of readiness. It made the doctor a little nervous to let you get any bigger so they decided that a cesarean would be best so it was scheduled for the very next day at 7:30 am! The wait would soon be over. Your mom and dad would only have one more night of sleep before you would be in their arms!

It was 5:15 am on Wednesday, April 26th when everyone arrived at St. Vincent’s Riverside hospital. There was so much excitement in the air and the birth day party was about to get underway. Soon all of your grandparents, auntie, uncle, and only cousin would be arriving. Your Uncle Austin and very soon-to-be Aunt Rylee weren’t able to be there because they were just 3 days away from their wedding! What an exciting week in the Williams-Francisco family!

Ironically, on the way to the hospital your mom began to have some mild contractions that were giving her a bit of discomfort. Even though she wouldn’t be doing a whole lot of pushing, your mom was sporting her cute labor socks to go with her perfectly pink gown.

During the 2 hour wait- when the nurses were busy prepping everything for your grande entrance, everyone else passed the time by talking all about you. Guesses were shared about how big you would really be. Your dad guessed 8 lbs. 12 oz. and was worried that all the newborn sized diapers they received as gifts weren’t going to fit you. Your grandparents shared how big your parents were when they were born: Your mom was 7 lbs. and your dad was 8 lbs. 9 oz. and 21 inches long – and that was a week before his due date. They would all soon see who you took after or if you were going to completely top the charts as the doctor was predicting.

Before long it was time for everyone to suit up and a few last minute hugs and words of encouragement were shared. At exactly 7:30 am your mom and dad walked out of the room and down the hall where they entered the OR and everyone else went to the waiting room.

Your dad took over as the photographer in the OR and captured the moment you entered the world and made everything more beautiful (with some help from the nurses)! Your mom did wonderfully and felt great throughout.

The wait in the waiting room seemed quite long as everyone anxiously awaited the news that you were here and healthy and that everyone was well. The first news came through around 8:40 am as all the phones started to ding with an update from your daddy announcing your weight. The only picture they would get before meeting you in person followed a bit later- your cute footprints and all of your birth stats:

Alexis was only slightly disappointed that you beat her birth weight by one whole ounce.


When your mom returned from recovery she joined you and your daddy for some quiet family time and your first lesson in nursing. You were a total champ from the first latch and happily nursed for a peaceful 30 minutes. Those 30 minutes were spent just marveling at you and taking in all the little details about you- your adorable cheeks, sweet little lips, and head full of dark hair! Every little bit of you was perfect and precious.

As your daddy marveled he whispered to your mom: “You carried her for 9 months.”

At 10:15 the rest of the family finally got to join in on the birth day party and that is when all the tears of joy began to flow. Everyone sweetly took their turns peeking at you in amazement as you continued your skin to skin transition time with your mama.

Once moved into your new (although hot) room, everyone else got to have their turn holding you while your mama rested a little.

The debate about who you looked most like seemed to be put to rest when your Pop took out this picture of your mama. WOW!

Congratulations Ashley & Travis! You have created an amazing little being and it is clear how much joy and love she has created in you. I know you will treasure this time in your lives and soak up every snuggle possible. Thank you for allowing me to capture the beginning of your family story for you. I look forward to watching it continue to unfold throughout the years.

Blessings to you all,




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