It’s a Girl! | Baptist Beaches Birth Story

Well Sofia…

The Lawtons continue to provide first time experiences for me. Sadly for me, this time is was my first ever missed birth (last time big brother was the first baby to beat me at my newborn session game). Luckily for mom the reason I missed all the fun is because she went from first contraction to “It’s a girl!” in less than 2 hours! In fact, they only made it to the hospital with 15 minutes to spare. Mama barely made it into a delivery room. I’m not the only one who missed the birth- Jeff’s mom was on the bridge as Sofia was making her grande entrance. None of us had any clue that this would be your birth story, Sofia.

It was incredible to listen to your mom recount the experience. On Monday, November 26th she got up at 6 with her alarm, took a shower and started to get ready for a day of work. Around 6:30 am she experienced a contraction and started to wonder if it was going to be a baby day. By 7:30 the contractions were so strong your mom and dad were planning to head to the hospital and loaded Oliver up in the car to do a baby swap with Tita. Ten minutes later your mom’s water broke in the garage and then they were rushing! Even though the hospital was only a few minutes away all the minivan moms were clogging up the roads trying to get their children back to school after the long Thanksgiving weekend. At 7:45 your mom texted me that there was hope that a nearby officer would be able to provide and escort, but instead he was only able to call and ambulance and that seemed like it would take even longer so they just trudged on, with no time to spare. I asked her then if I could come but she said “Hang tight. We should know soon.” Well…the next text I got was at 8:50 from your dad and he sent this picture of you with the the caption:

“Isabel just had the baby. Sofia Cristina Lawton.”

By the time I made it to the hospital the party was well underway. I walked in the room dying to find out what in the world had happened and found your mom casually sitting in bed looking amazing- not at all like she had just birthed a baby! No big deal. Auntie Jenna was already getting her first snuggles while Titi Cristina anxiously sipped her Starbucks while awaiting her turn in line.

In between all the family snuggles and FaceTime calls to family and friends, your mom would get some of her own time to snuggle and nurse you too.

This cycle continued for quite some time until everyone got their turn. Then tummies started to rumble and it was time to go fetch some well earned lunch. Your mom and dad had a little bit of alone time to marvel over you and soak you in. Titi Rosa planned her visit just right so that she could have you all to herself while everyone else was out fetching lunch. She brought you your first and frilliest tutu with silver sequined Santa hat and other girly goodies. She even demonstrated her dance moves that will be enjoyed by all at your quinceañera.

Sofia- you should know that your mom sacrificed her favorite nitrate-filled sandwich for your benefit for 9 whole months so it was only fitting that it be her first meal post-delivery. The family all laughed about the fact that the staff at the sandwich shop knew who the unique sandwich order was for and sent their congratulations.

After more snuggles and fun the crowds again dispersed, but this time the plan was to go get your big brother so that he could meet you for the first time. Your mom took this opportunity to catch a deep, little catnap. Auntie Jenna was happy to babysit during that time. I’m pretty sure you had your first of many gab sessions- you were so alert and engaged and listened intently to every word.

Before long Oliver arrived, walking into a roomful of wide-eyed people all anxiously awaiting his introduction to you. It was a bit overwhelming for him at first and it seemed that seeing mommy in the bed made him uneasy. It took him a couple of seconds to get his barings, but once he saw you he was smitten. He was blowing you kisses and wanted to give you real kisses and see your hair under your hat.

After some full family snuggles it was then time to investigate the rest of the room so down he went to snack on some leftover lunch Cheetos, hang with Jose, play peek-a-boo behind the privacy curtain, and more. Alejandro moved in to take his turn to meet his sweet baby cousin, which sparked so many questions for him (like why he couldn’t have his own sister and how the doctor got you out of Titi’s belly).

Mom’s bed was like a revolving door of little boys and the perfect obstacle course. This party was complete with Ring Around the Rose, movies, and more.

Oliver even wanted to share his party snacks with you. He didn’t quite understand why that wasn’t a good idea.

The party started to wind down as it approached the dinner hour. Oliver gave his last hugs and kisses and headed off for a fun night with Mita and Jose. I stayed for just a longer to capture a few last pictures of you with your mommy & daddy and then you got to have some peaceful quiet time together.

What a day! You sure made a GRAND entrance, little Ms. Sofia Cristina! It was a stark contrast to your brother’s birth story. I like that you are already doing things your way. It is going to be fun to watch how you and Oliver grow up together. He’s going to have a lot to teach you.

Much love and prayers for a beautifully blessed life!