Katelyn | Senior Portrait Session | Oakleaf High School

So, I did a little interview with Katelyn & her mom before I had a chance to meet them and I want to share just a few things they shared with me:

What do you love most about your family:

K: They are adventurous and fun.

What has your family taught you about life:

K: Always chase your dreams.

Where is your happy place:

K: At home & with friends

What is your dream job:

K: A physician’s assistant in pediatrics or emergency medicine

What is Katelyn’s greatest strength:

Mom: Her determination

What do you love most about Katelyn:

Mom: Her personality

What has Katelyn taught you about life:

Mom: To never give up.

What was Katelyn’s dream job when she was little:

Mom: To take care of others.


You are such a joy. You have a sweet and quiet but happy demeanor. You were probably frozen for your entire session, yet you smiled beautifully through the whole thing and never once let on that your toes or fingers were numb. (HA!). I loved getting to know you and your beautiful mama during your session. It is clear how much you two appreciate each other and that you share more than the same stunning smile. I know that you make her so proud and will continue to no matter how you end up helping others throughout your life.

I feel so honored that you asked me to capture the culmination of your life to date- you’ve reached your SENIOR YEAR! Congratulations on all you have accomplished and I wish you all the best as you venture out into the bigger, wider world.



oakleaf graduation