Maddie | A Creekside High School Senior Session | St. Augustine, Fl



I hate to pick favorites, but YOU…YOU are my favorite. Never have I been brought to tears in the first 5 minutes of meeting one of my senior girls before, but you and your sweet mama successfully made me ugly cry and all I asked was “How did you end up in Florida?” Never was I prepared for such an incredible life story as yours, and I am so glad that you are sharing it with others. I laughed when you said that your parents love to tell your story, because you were so matter of fact about it but really…it is a miraculous story.

Meeting you and hearing all that you have faced in your 18 years, all that you have overcome, and all that you have accomplished…just by being YOU…I was left totally inspired. God is using you to show himself to others- to teach others about how he loves and cares for us. I know he uses us all, but it isn’t always as evident as it is in you. And your SMILE- it is radiant!


THANK YOU for sharing your daughter with me. I left feeling so full- overwhelmed. I hope we can find some excuses to get together again!





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