Magnolia’s Birth Story | Birth Center of Jacksonville

It was 12 days past your due date- April 12th was the day you were “expected” to make your arrival, but you were in no hurry. It wasn’t until 4.24 that full labor finally brought the promise of your arrival. Your mom really began laboring at home on Saturday evening, but it wasn’t until Shea- the amazing midwife- confirmed full labor and declared “go time” around 8:00 pm on Sunday evening. It was then that the whole support team headed to the Birth Center of Jacksonville to witness you coming into the world. Your grandparents couldn’t wait to see your tiny face- your grandfather said a beautiful prayer of protection and health over your mom and your delivery. Many prayers were said throughout the night- prayers for strength and endurance for your strong, yet tired mama and daddy, prayers for your safety, and prayers for the hands that were caring for you.


The sounds of praise music filled the room, along with the soft scent of lavender oil diffusing. All the little details that were planned during the 9.5 months of anticipation for you- the playlist, the words of scripture and affirmation beautifully displayed on the walls, the cards of encouragement that rotated throughout the night, the sweet outfit hanging- just waiting for you, all adding to the determination to birth you into the world.


Your mom’s contractions continued unceasingly- at 12:13 am she was at 6 cm and took a break from the birthing tub to rest a little in the comfy bed, only there was not much rest. Or comfort. Your mom concentrated on her deep breathing and your dad worked hard to provide counter pressure to the painful back labor. Around 3:08 am she was at 9 cm and moved back to the tub for a little rest before transition. As the sun rose on a beautiful day, a renewed determination was brewing and all were feeling more than anxious to see your face and meet you. At 8:10 am your mom’s water was broken to kick things into full gear. Your mom spent some time on the birth ball and began walking the stairs. When pushing began, the room filled with excitement and all gathered around to help support your mom and all wanted the first glimpse of you. Your nana and daddy each offered help with a leg, while Gigi soothed her with a cool rag. Sharon was at the other end of the rebozo pulling while your mama was pushing with all of her might.

The first sweet sounds of your cries made the room erupt in tears and laughter and a beautiful sigh of relief. Everything instantly melted away and exhaustion was replaced with a renewed excitement and immeasurable love for you. Your mom and dad examined every little bit of you, noticing that you have your daddy’s nose, some uniquely cute toes, and tiny little ears. Every bit of you was perfect and beautiful and healthy. All the prayers for you were answered.

Mommy and Daddy shared you with everyone else for a quick little snuggle before they enjoyed some sweet uninterrupted family time and rest- getting to snuggle you and love on you and marvel at the miracle you are.


After everyone enjoyed a much needed yummy lunch, it was time for your newborn exam- time to see who was closest to guessing your birth weight. Most were surprised that you were as big as you were, only daddy guessed you would be over 8 pounds. You proved him right weighing in at 8 lbs. 4 oz. and a long 22 inches. Shea showed us the deep lines in your fully cooked little feet, which were then memorialized in ink forever.


Daddy got you all dressed and ready to go and mom enjoyed a shower before loading you up and taking you home. Shea looked on as you all drove away- yet another one of her babies and another leaf added to the famous BC of Jax baby tree. Well done everyone!


Magnolia- it was incredible to capture the journey that was your birth for you and your family to relive forever. There were so many amazing memories made, some funny, many sweet, and all uniquely special. I was so blessed by your whole family- you clearly have been born to two very loving and faith-filled parents, who were both born to your loving and faith-filled grandparents. And you just add to all of that love! Happy birthday, sweet girl. I look forward to watching you grow…just don’t grow up too quickly- remember that same easy-going pace from which you started. 😉