Rushton | The Bolles School | Senior Session


I got to observe many things during your senior session, all of which spoke to the content of your heart and character. I will spare you all of the silly mama mush that I want to share, but I will say that you made me proud of the man you are so I can only imagine the overwhelming pride your parents and siblings feel. It’s so much more than your academic milestones or your performance on the football field, it is the humbleness with which you carry yourself and pure kindness of your nature and even more…but I said I wasn’t going to go there.

This was a treat for me. I am excited to watch what your future will bring you and the impact you will have on this world, but for your mama’s sake I sure hope the rest of this year goes by at a snail’s pace so that she can savor all the moments and memories a little more. Good luck to you.



P.S. Erik did not find my limited song choices fitting so he has an alternate soundtrack for your slideshow that he wants to give you. 😂

And a few extras for your mama…


oakleaf graduation