Senior Photography

Why Senior Photography?

Your senior year is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget. It is a time of great anticipation for what is to come, but also a time of closure on a time of your life that one day you will likely look back on and view as the “glory days”. Trust me. Even though now you may be feeling like you can’t wait to get past this point of your life and on to the next bigger and better thing that awaits, you will experience a nostalgia about this time unlike any other. This isn’t only a major time of transition for you, but it is also a HUGE time of transition for your parents. Right, parents? You are experiencing those pangs of great pride in your child- thinking on all that they have accomplished up until this point, from birth to all of the firsts, to the first day of school, and now leading up to the last year of high school. You are also experiencing pangs of sadness, am I right? Because you are experiencing closure on a period of parenthood that, though you may have day dreamed about for 18 years, you really never wanted it to come. But it has. You are at the point where you are having to let go and send your baby out into the big, wide world.

I bet I can guess how you are spending your time preparing for this last year, prepping for the big graduation day…I bet you are looking back through years and years of snapshots that you have taken to document the perfect little being that you created and reliving all the happy, silly, sad, and beautiful memories. I bet, if you are anything like me, around 2007 or so you stopped printing pictures because you no longer had to in order to view them. After going digital, you likely gradually started taking pictures only on your cell phone. Am I right? Yup. Me too. I’m guilty as well. Well, this is the time to change that. Take this last opportunity to capture stunning, professional images of your baby, because…the next stop is adulthood.

The Senior Session Experience

Once you have booked your session, you will receive your personal client portal, which is full of all the details about your session. This portal will make planning your session and ordering your products easy and fun.


Next we will meet to plan all the fun details of your session, including outfits, accessories, locations, and more. We will talk about how you want to enjoy your images once your session is over, so that they don’t just get lost in the recesses of your hard drive. I’ll bring some fun product samples for you to touch and view in person when we meet.


Session day! Yay! Of course the weather will be perfect and beautiful and there won’t be any humidity to frizz your hair. The most important thing to remember, besides all your outfits and accessories- is that it is muy importante to be on time for your session. I know that it might take you extra time to do your hair and make up on session day, so be sure to start early. Even though I would love to shoot all night, we will be limited by the available light, so to maximize the number of images in your gallery we will want as much time as possible. This is also something to consider when deciding on locations and how many outfits you want to bring- you won’t want to spend too much of your session traveling or changing.


Once your session is complete I will send you one sneak peek to tide you over until your preview gallery is ready. You can share this on all of your favorite social media outlets, if you want to. Any referrals that come in as a result will earn you stuff. Ask about the referral program.



Reveal Session Time! We will meet again soon after your session for your gallery reveal. You will get to view 24 of my favorite images fully edited and already printed. You will also get to enjoy a beautiful presentation of your preview gallery. You will select all your favorite images along with the collection & products you love. Within a few weeks your products and images will arrive and I will hand deliver them to you.

oakleaf graduation