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This boy. I’m shaking my head right this moment. He makes me absolutely batty and he knows it. He enjoys it. I should have known better when I named him- that by calling forth his Norwegian heritage I was also calling forth a stubbornness that can’t be matched. Grant LARSEN Wilson! And that pout. That is a signature move which he gets honestly. He looks just like his daddy, but he is much like me in spirit. He might try me in all ways possible, but he has my heart and I am so grateful for the gift he is to our wild family. Heaven help us.

I joke about my little man’s spunk, but for every 2 to 3 crazy stories I have to tell about him, I could counter with a sweet one. (Ha. I still joke.) He is equal parts sweet and spunky. I am lucky to be his mama. All my kids teach me about who I want to be/become and push me to get there. This one- he is bound to change the world in big ways. I am excited to watch it all unfold.

Happy birthday “G-Unit”. I love you more than words can say.

XO & GTF, Mom

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