Camila | St. Johns Newborn Photography

I have been with this sweet family through Maternity, Birth, Warm Welcome, and now Newborn sessions. That is a whole lot of life excitement to share with special people. It is so easy to feel like a part of the family by the time I am “done” with my job. I love that this sweet family feels the same and are already trying to find excuses for us to get together again. My heart needs that too.


It has been such a joy and honor to capture your before, coming, and first weeks of life. I hope that you will look back on these sweet images of you as a tiny little person and see how amazing you are. Every little bit of you is precious and perfect. I love that bits of you resemble your family- your beautiful dark hair like your daddy, Tito & Abby; your impressively long tongue like your mama, your one lone and elusive dimple just like Abby- but you are also wonderfully, uniquely Rachel Camila with the sweetest strawberry red birthmark to prove it.

And to think…just two weeks before these pictures were take no one even knew if you were a boy or a girl. Now it doesn’t even seem like life ever existed without you in it. I am excited to watch to see what life has in store for you. I know it is going to be a grand adventure.

Blessings to you & your whole family,