Sullivan James | Your Birth Story

Dear Sullivan,

It felt like just yesterday that it was your big sister Lillian’s birth day. Her birth day started much like yours- arriving at the hospital at a scheduled time- though this time around it was still dark outside (6:00 am), getting hugs and a sweet send off by grandparents- though this time around half were home with Lillian, and waiting in triage for almost 2 hours in preparation- though this time around it wasn’t a private room.

The feeling in the room was the same- nervous excitement and anticipation- though this time around the silent thoughts likely centered around what life is going to be like with two little ones to love and care for- instead of the unknowing about delivery, and what life is going to be like with a little boy/brother to play with and watch grow. Final guesses were made about how much you might weigh: Mom said 8 lbs. 5 oz. and Dad said 8 lbs. 2 oz. The nurse passed the time by sharing her 7 csection stories.

While waiting, your dad was able to peek in on Lillian asleep in her crib at home. She was slowly starting to show signs of stirring. It wouldn’t be much longer before she would finally be able to meet you.

After all the questioning, paper signing, vitals checking, and gowning up (I even got to wear a gown this time!) it was finally time to wheel your mama into the operating room. Thankfully, this time around your dad was given a suit that actually fit him. The last one was a weeeee bit too short. One last kiss on the forehead was given, and then more waiting for your dad while they got your mom all ready for the surgery in the OR.

That wait felt like an eternity. At 8:28 your dad was called back, and then it all happened so quickly! You were born at 8:37 am! Just moments later I was able to join the birth day party in the OR (for the first time ever!) and capture all of your brandnewness. It is incredible that one minute you weren’t here and then in the next you were- a brand new human in the world- a world that was forever changed in that moment.

Stats, footprints, and then name bands to make you all officially family. Your weight: 8 lbs. 2 oz. (just as dad guessed!), Length: 20.5 in.

Look at you and Lillian!

Your mom got to hold you for 9 months in her tummy, and this was her first time holding you in her arms.

Your mom’s temperature was low so she had heat blowing through an air blanket and the nurses bundled her completely up.

Look who you ran into on the way to your new room. Your grandparents got a sneak peek of you before anyone else.

Lillian arrived!

She was the first to march in the room and soon all the kisses started.

You were calm and quiet until dad rewrapped you. You started to cry and then Lillian immediately started to cry too. She was so upset that you were upset. It was like her heart couldn’t take it.

You got Lillian some big sister presents that she got to open- an alphabet game, a big sister bracelet, some snacks.

I think your dad was already planning your first fishing trip together.

Welcome to the world, Sullivan James! You definitely make things much more adorable and snuggly. You will never be short on love, hugs, or kisses, and your sister will teach you so many things.

Congratulations Janae, Ryan + Lillian!