The Maternity Session

Planning Your Maternity Session

This might be lengthy and laborious, but I like to share a lot of information and tips about your maternity session so that you can plan and prepare well. I believe the more that you know the more comfortable and relaxed you will feel. Always remember that anytime I am making suggestions it is just an effort to be helpful. You have total freedom to make your session exactly what you would like or need.


I would be happy to create a private Pinboard for you so that we can gather some ideas for your session. This will help ensure that we are on the same page about your vision and desires. If you haven’t already, you will need to follow me on Pinterest so that I can send you an invite to the board (social links below). I have a public Pinboard already started if you want to get some initial ideas. Just keep in mind that I have my own style of shooting and I don’t want to recreate someone else’s session, but this will help get our creative juices flowing. I have also created a Maternity Planning Page that you can print out to help you jot down your ideas if you are a paper & pencil type of planner.

When to Schedule

The best time to schedule a maternity session is between 26 and 32 weeks. You can decide if you would rather schedule earlier, while you are still feeling pretty comfortable, or if you would rather document how much your body changed for your little one to see. Scheduling no later than 32 weeks should insure that we have your session before your little one arrives and before you are too uncomfortable.

Location, Location, Location

When picking a location, I like to keep in mind its versatility. I like to choose locations that will allow many options for a session so that your gallery will have fun variety, but I also like to think of locations that might be sentimental to you- perhaps where he took you on your first date, where he proposed, or even where you were married. At home maternity sessions are also an option as seen here, especially when you have a backyard like this. Some of my favorite spots require a little bit of a drive, but Boneyard Beach on Big Talbot, Washington Oaks in Palm Coast, and all the historic spots in St. Augustine make living in Florida so uniquely beautiful.

You can take a peek at some of my other maternity sessions to get more ideas, but keep in mind that the possibilities are endless. Perhaps you have a favorite coffee shop or maybe a documentary session might be more up your alley.

Depending on your location selection, the time of day will also be important because of the direction of the light and it’s harshness. If time allows, we might even be able to do a very near location change if we plan well.

What to Wear

I am sure that you probably have great ideas about what to wear for your session, but in case you need some inspiration I have pinned a few fun ideas here. You can find some shopping options here as well. For your session, I recommend that you pick at least two outfits that will give your gallery a great variety. You might want to wear one of your favorite everyday maternity outfits complimented with something a little more formal or elegant. Obviously, the location of your shoot will also determine what you will feel comfortable wearing. If we are shooting in a private location you can explore some more bare belly options if you desire.

For Dad: Generally, men look great in jeans and a soft, solid button down or a nice, crisp solid t-shirt regardless of what mom is wearing. Khakis are always a nice option too. I recommend nicer shoes, like loafers or oxfords over every day tennis shoes.

For You Both: Coordinating colors of your outfits is not entirely necessary, as long as you are not combining colors or patterns that will detract from the sweet softness of your session. Feel free to text me some snapshots of your ideas or you can even upload them to your private pinboard if you have any questions. If you want to bring a few extra options I can always make suggestions when we get there, if needed. Whatever you choose is certain to be great.

Other Details

I always suggest that my clients bring a mini-beauty kit with them for quick hairstyle changes, lipstick refreshing, etc. This might also include different accessories to go with each outfit. I think your maternity session is a great occasion to pamper yourself a bit with a new mani and pedi. Your hands will definitely be a focus as you are emphasizing your belly. Some of my clients even like to have their hair styled and makeup done. This certainly isn’t necessary, but an idea I throw out there for you to consider. If you plan to do your own makeup, it is not necessary to wear much more than usual, but I would suggest concentrating on your eyes to really help them stand out. A pretty lip color or gloss is also recommended.

The End Result

Be thinking about how you would like to enjoy your images in the end. This also helps me to plan your shoot so that I am certain to get exactly what you will want and need. We can discuss this further soon.

Any Questions

Please let me know as you have any thoughts, ideas, or questions. I am super excited to create a session that is uniquely  you and will express your joy and excitement for this sweet one to come!