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This is part of an on-going series about our Florida “Adventure Days”. Here I will share what we like to do as a family throughout our great state, primarily North Florida. I want to share with you all of the fun that is available to be had right here in the Sunshine State. I will tell you some of the pros and cons of the places we have visited and offer a few adventure tips along the way. I promise to keep it real and share the bad with the good so that you can learn from some of our mistakes. My kids will even share their thoughts about their favorite thing from each outing. I hope that this series will encourage you to get out and do some exploring too. I would also love to hear about any of your adventures! Share where you have been and tell us where we should go next. 

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During the summer we love to go on Saturday adventures to nearby beaches in our sunny state of Florida. My husband does all the planning. I do most of the packing. The kids just hop in the car. Then we are off.

This particular adventure was not one of our most successful because just after we stopped for fishing bait at this cute little store on the intracoastal (Devil’s Elbow– which also has adorable cottages to rent), we were met with rain. Then…we missed the boat…literally. We were hoping to visit Fort Matanzas but just moments before we arrived the water taxi to the fort departed without us and it wasn’t going to be back for an hour. The kids didn’t want to wait around and another storm was rolling in. So,  we  climbed some trees before we left and then we ate a great lunch at our favorite spot. To help you prevent the same timing snafu that we experienced, the departure times are shown below and here is a link to them as well. (We did make it back to the fort on another adventure and I will share about that soon.)

13.Jun.22_11.34.17__© Ingrid Wilson

After rerouting a bit we ended up at the Vilano Beach Pier. Since it was still raining and we girls didn’t want to get wet (even though we were wearing our bathing suits and planning to swim at the beach) it was nice to have a covered area for Mylie to play and for me to take pictures while the boys explored the mini beach around the pier and fished. Mylie clearly wasn’t thrilled about the picture taking part, but the boys didn’t mind the cold rain one bit. It was also great that there were semi-decent bathrooms right there too.

13.Jun.22_14.44.44__© Ingrid Wilson

13.Jun.22_14.52.38__© Ingrid Wilson

13.Jun.22_15.01.47__© Ingrid Wilson

I do believe Vilano is my favorite spot. It is a quiet little area that is slowly starting to revive itself. The pier overlooks the intracoastal, which is calm and beautiful, though not so much on this day because of the weather. The boys were in heaven fishing and catching crabs hiding in the rocks while Mylie drew a lot of sweet attention from passers-by with all of her people (who you will see again on other adventures) and she even made a friend.

13.Jun.22_15.10.18__© Ingrid Wilson

13.Jun.22_15.52.45__© Ingrid Wilson

There was also a fun shop at the St. Augustine marina (not pictured) that the boys enjoyed walking through and they even picked out a new crab net for future adventures.

13.Jun.22_15.32.37__© Ingrid Wilson

It wasn’t our typically wet beach day. We prefer the surf and sun to the rain, but it was wet and fun all the same. This was just the beginning of our Vilano Beach adventures and I will share more about our other visits there soon.

13.Jun.22_16.00.14__© Ingrid Wilson

Meet Grant. He is our resident fishing expert. He will be chiming in on the quality of the fishing throughout our adventures.

GRANT SAYS “There was a ton of mullet and you can catch a lot of other fish here.”



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